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sabato 12 marzo 2011


La situazione è delicata. E critica. E disperata.
Ciò che sta succedendo in Giappone è difficile da descrivere se non si vive qui.
C'è uno stato d'emergenza.
L'aiuto e l'assistenza alle persone sta cercando di arrivare, faticosamente, a tutti.
Le poche associazioni che si occupano degli animali si stanno organizzando.
ARK è una di queste: ha due sedi (una a Tokyo e una Osaka).
Conosco il loro importantissimo operato.
Per ora, considerata la criticità della situazione, tutto è fermo.
Ma si stanno preparando per intervenire.
Questo è il comunicato ufficiale:

" APPEAL for HELP for the ANIMALS made HOMELESS by the EARTHQUAKE and TSUNAMI which devastated the TOHOKU-PACIFIC area in northern Japan, yesterday FRIDAY 11th MARCH

At present we can only witness the devastation caused by yesterday's earthquake and tsunami on our television screens and make contact with friends in Tokyo and other affected areas. Although a country like Japan experiences earthquakes frequently, nothing had prepared us for one on this scale. From our experience of the Great Hanshin earthquake on January 17th 1995, we know that the number of homeless pets may be immense. The priority after any earthquake is the saving of human life, moving people into emergency centres and then repairing the infrastructure. In the case of Kobe most of the animals that came to us came from the emergency centres where people has sought refuge with their pets. Others were ones that had been rescued from destroyed houses or off the street by local people. In that one year we took in 600 animals, mainly dogs and cats but also rabbits and birds.

Here at ARK we are preparing for what might be a huge influx of animals. We already have some facilities in place and a team of experienced staff able to deal with traumatised animals. We may have to build emergency shelters as well. The logistics of getting animal from the Tohoku/Sendai area is immense since roads and other transport links have been cut and may take time to restore. Our only means to get animals down to Osaka may be by helicopter, which was one method we used after the Kobe earthquake.

We will use our resources and know-how to help as many animals as we can, following this terrible disaster. "

Qui, trovate il sito ufficiale: